Monday, January 31, 2011

The weather is under Me!

Alright, possibly not so funny. Especially since every two minutes... well, never mind. =]

A new endeavor to strike upon! The area of being a food critic! Ta-DA!! I'm a food critic anyway at heart, from taste as the flavors roll over my tongue (or assaults it) to the texture, the service, to the feeling as we're walking out. Yet another adventure to stick to. I hope it does!

After sneaking in a few of Julia's recipes and making up a good amount of decent dishes at home boyo and I decided to have a Date Night. We looked on Yelp! for a good place to go and since we both love asian food (japanese... thai... yum!) we found Tajima's over in Clairemont. What a horrible endeavor.

Apparently two people thought my food review was funny, so here it is:

Went there [the other] night. It was an abomination to call that good food. Quite the opposite, actually. It was more like bad americanized fast-food of some asian decent!

We ordered the creamy scallops, which had the barest piece of scallop, but was a heavy filling of a deep fried mush of mayonnaise and corn. To be dipped in BBQ sauce, none-the-less! The squid that we had was chewy, old and the fryer oil must not have been changed in at least a few days because it tasted dirty. Like it was fried in the sludge at the bottom!

The green tea was pre-sweetened with Honey (yuck!) and service was absolutely horrid. And I mean horrid! Not one table touch, my glasses were empty from 5 minutes from getting them until we left without an offer to refill, I flagged down a server and told them the food was disgusting and she walked away and finally refilled the hot tea as she dropped off the check... Uhh... No.

Oh, the main course. First off, it was a seafood Yaki of some sort with egg noodles, but tasted more like a mcdonalds patty drenched in mayonnaise and more BBQ sauce. Secondly, there was this weird onion skin THING on top that, I kid you not, WAS MOVING. I asked what it was when I complained about the food and never got a response. The food was room temperature and may have been someone else's reject from an hour before. I kid you not, that was the flavor, texture, and temperature.

We dropped a good amount for that disgusting portion of mayonnaised-BBQ badness and didn't tip. Maybe the ramen and soups are the only things that aren't drenched in mayonnaise that's not listed ANYWHERE on the menu.

If I could rate this a Zero, I would. It ruined a perfectly good date night as we left hungry, dissatisfied and thoroughly grossed out.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Boyo's picnic roast is finally going to be made today! (After 5 days of marination). It's a long process it seems, with 2 hours of prepping just the sauce for it to cook in, but we'll see.

I made him the other day, (unsure if I mentioned it), a slab of the ham that I had cut off for him to enjoy, with green onions, port, sherry and cognac. He said later that it was the best pork he's ever had. Boo yeah! Thank you, Julia.

I have recently become fixed on greek yogurt. The tangy sour cream-esque flavor mixing with my healthy cereals, giving them a sweet and creamy flavor. It takes the bite out of my coffee and it oh so addicting.

A small inspiration. =] I hope you let little things inspire you, too.

When you're frustrated with something, or karma tells you with a strong signal that you should step away, you should listen to that impulse.

After cutting through the cord of my computer with a pair of nastily dull scissors, after following a youtube type step-by-step video of this little old woman and her advice on how to make a nice slipcover for your nasty old couch and screwing it up so bad it is now a Sally themed Tim Burton couch, after you finally see and the words swirl around your head "Congratulation! It's a Clown." rings ridiculing in your mind. You really should stop.

Did I? Of course not.

Now my couch is covered, but don't move it too far from the radio or you'll see my major error and frustration that I didn't even bother to sew. Most of the couch is tucked it, which doesn't look bad and thankfully, there is tons of space to. The bottom, which I was going to get some velcro for, because Ikea thankfully put a strip down there for their own slipcovers, I realized was stapled. Yes. Stapled on with nothing more than paper staples, not even upholstery staples! So, I followed suit, angrily slapping the underneath of the couch with the stapler, warning off my boyo whenever he got too close.

I stepped away. First for lunch, then for pie.

That was the best move I've done all day.

So if you happen to come in, don't stare too closely at my couch. Just note the colors, the pillows and take a seat. Speaking of, I'm working on the pillows now and better get back to it. Boyo is snapping pictures of me and I'm certain I'm glaring in at least half of them. Here are the pictures for today! Enjoy. >[

This is the final result. Mind you, it was white and yes, I know there are wrinkles, but it just needs to be tucked in a little more.

The material: All of it was $2.00 The gray material is silk I found it at a thrift store for a buck. The red material was free because it was someone's scraps and the beigh was a buck as well at a swap meet. Can't beat the prices! The most expensive thing was the batting for the pillows which totaled around $26.00 for 2 24oz bags and 2 12oz bags. (I don't know why I didn't buy another 24oz, the thought is just occurring to me. It made sense with the 2 large pillows and 2 small ones theme. Ah well. Same price.)
Total work time: 10 hours.

Lesson: Buy the damn slipcover next time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coconut Rice and disinterested days

My new default dish is Coconut rice. Today we're having it with shrimp. Don't get me wrong, it's delish! I could eat it just about every day, but it's become my go-to. The pot roast of my childhood days.

Remember childhood? Mine was complicated and simple. Meals were one of four dishes when it was made at home. Otherwise, and most likely, we ate out. Ranking number 1 was Pot Roast (with baby carrots, onions, yukon potatoes, green onions, and sometimes mushrooms (or other random add-ins that had to be used) with white rice and corn. Number 2. Beef stew with white rice- it was almost like a gravy soup, really... Number 3. Corned beef hash- out of a can, but seasoned tastily- with white rice and corn. Number 4. Sandwich night (blts or burgers or pb-and-js).

Thrown in were random Breakfast-for-Dinner nights and we'd have waffles and pancakes. Dessert-for-Dinner nights- once every few months we'd go to Basken Robins and get sundaes. If we were too broke to eat out, it was M.I.Y. (make it yourself) which were usually cereal, omelets, sandwiches or, if you were daring like me, leftovers.

We were out of the house a lot when we were kids (my younger brother, older sister and I). My sister and I played sports year-round (softball, baseball, soccer, basketball (her), volleyball (me), fieldhockey (her), drama (me)) so we usually ate terribly at the ball fields or concession stands. We'd bring more sandwiches and chips and gatorade, fruits and sunflower seeds. Drink slushies and run amok with sugar highs and crashes, games and just being brats- err... kids.

So, will this trend of making coconut rice continue? If I ever have kids, will they groan at the thought of having it again? I don't know. I like to cook too much and although it's an easy and relatively cheap dish, I like to think I'll be more creative.

But then again, I am doing it now as a default for boyo and I.

And the cycle continues. =P

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work and Play-Work

Let me use this space to grumble and growl over the amount of time I'm spending at my place of business only to come home and do more work, play-work this time, on the computer. Hours upon endless hours starting at a blindingly white screen.

Speaking of which, why don't I turn it down? Ahh, much better. =D

What's frustrating is having a computer that doesn't agree or comply with your wishes. For example: I tried to open Flash. It crashed (the program did). So I reopened it. It told me Flash needed more memory, so I shut everything down and restarted it again. It called me funny names and crashed again. It crashed 1/2 way through a project (which I made the mistake of not saving) and now! Close to the end of my photo gallery, it's refusing to create a motion or even a classic tween in AS 2.0 (which I was using alright last week) and not following any of the commands I'm requesting of it! Like scrolling! >.< Grrr!!

It's all fun and games, both jobs, but one leaves my legs sore, my feet achy and my left wrist with a hallow pain. The other burns my eyes, makes me sleepy and gives me a funny crink in my neck.

I'm strangely disconnected as I'm connected in this web and today, nothing is working right. I'm tired, still hungry after eating and am seriously contemplating a glass of either sherry or port.

And the biggest piece of chocolate pie you can imagine.

Haven't been doing much lately. My mind has been elsewhere. However, inspired by MtAoFC (Mastering the Art of French Cooking), I am marinading a picnic roast (pork) for my boyo in a yummy smelling garlic-wine... soup. =}

We were supposed to attempt a Quiche du fruits de Mer, but I don't feel like making the pastry shell. Terrible, isn't it?

/Sigh* Ah well. Time to stop whining.

Have I mentioned my "day-job" is said to be going out of business? I must say said to be because, while they have told some regulars, the owners have yet to tell any employees. When asked about it, they either shrug or exclaim "We're not closing yet!"
The latest news from the grapevine is we close on Feb. 10th when the lease is up. We've all been looking for other jobs halfheartedly because we enjoy working there, with each other! But put job hunting as the whipped cream to the top of my pie and, darlin' I'm wiped.

However, tomorrow is an estate sale close to where we live. Please, oh please have been a photographer and have either a rollieflex or a hasselblad for $10!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trying new things

Tips for cutting your man's hair:
1) If going without shoes, take off your socks! The cut hair clings to them and turns them into furballs. An interesting sensation as you walk around the kitchen!

2) Don't be intimidated. It gets surprisingly soothing.

3) Use the clippers on the side of the head, too. I'm a fan of using the scissors now, but the clippers are great because it creates a short, even pattern.

4) The clippers cut the hair really, really short. Even the higher numbers, which makes sense. I thought my boyo was going to be a 4, but went with a 6 to keep it on the long side (in case I made a mistake) and that was the length I had wanted it at to begin with.

5) Hopefully your boyo is amazing like mine and doesn't really care what his hair looks like, so long as it looks good. I most definitely was not going for any particular style, and probably wont for a couple more cuts, but I wanted it to look presentable and sort of fit how I like his hair. It turned out well, but if he'd wanted spikey hair or a certain style, errm... that would have been lost on me. As you I imagine, too! If it's the first time you're cutting hair.

6) Make sure what ever you're using to cover him stays closed. Otherwise there will be a huge line of hair down his back.

7) Don't use hair detangler... =P I didn't have a spray bottle so I used a hair detangler spray that I have to wet his hair... It left his hair almost greasy and pretty nasty to the touch. It didn't stay damp long and just got worse the wetter I tried to get it. Luckily, it turned out well. And we showered afterward.

8) Be sure to check that the side burns are straight. =P
9) Shave all the way around the crown. Don't forget the sides. xD It looks silly if you do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Not a day off yet!

What a long, refreshing and tiresome day today has been. I haven't eaten one thing from my house today. Everything has been "road food" here in my own city.

While my computer fixes itself and loads the images of today, here is the story.

Woke up around 7:30AM to a delicious giant cup of steamy chocolatey coffee made by the love of my life. Nothing tastes better than a sip of coffee the minute you wake up. I kid you not!

The reason we were up so unbelievably early today was a photoshoot! This restaurant I'm in with is allowing us to shoot there, so long as we do it before they open and not get in the way. Rockin! We had a model and it was all green from there. =] Started shooting around 9AM after more coffee and a breakfast debate. I put on some tunes on the overhead radio and got into it. That finished up around 10:40-11 ish and we were all pretty hungry.

Got breakfast at a small cafe called Influx off Broadway. Meal numero uno. After that, I had to dash into work for about 2 hours because this large party was supposed to come in. Luckily, they never showed because we got slammed and the owners, who are normally assisting the other girl, didn't show up. Lucky chance I was called in. On my only day off. It wasn't bad.

After work, sugar levels were beginning to dwindle so, after wandering a thrift store, Boyo and I grabbed a late lunch, about 3pm at this awesome little place called Senor Mangos. Eating in the car, we raced to our next photoshoot with another girl over in Mission Trails. Dragging around a our equipment and Boyo barefoot, we shot in tall grasses, attacked by knats, grasshoppers trying to jump between toes and, eventually, mosquito.((such a funny looking word.))

After, we went with our model to a sushi place and, while not hungry from our late lunch, decided it rude not to eat. After reviewing the menu, we ended up ordering far too much food, but laughed, talked and ate the time away.

Finally, at 8:25PM, we are home. Shoes are off, pictures are being uploaded and all is quiet and still. such a blessed sound. No cars racing or kids shouting, no dogs barking (which is a rarity in our house. Our neighbors dogs are terrible), no drunk college people (another bad neighbor, not with the barking dogs), and no talking. It's bliss. <3 Sometimes, you just need to rest and now is that chance.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dedication. Dedication!!

I am going to try to work with more dedication for this blog.

First off, let me inform you of a few lovely facts. Anthony and I are getting the wheels turning, the ball moving and the layout set for our photography business. Thus far, I've designed our business cards, made our website, created templates for posting our... desire to work out there, have picked out the images I need to retouch for our Events page and, have been inspiring myself by looking at wedding photography.

Mainly models in wedding dresses. So mainly, wedding dresses.

It makes me sigh a heartfelt one as I see piles of lace and glass beadings, low-cut backs, vintage hairstyles, and properly fitted gowns. Then you see frills everywhere! The mermaid cut, the princess cut, the Asymmetrical cut, the list goes on! And it makes me dream and yearn to wear such finery! Why shouldn't they be for everyday?

Oh yeah... $6,000+. Well, should only we feel so fine for those moments in our dresses as in our everyday clothes!

Such brings me back to my inspiration from these images. I've been looking at a lot of Wedding Photographers shooting brides in their dresses, never really showing the dress and the bride in all her glory, but rather bits and pieces of her, or from very far away. The dress is demeaned by detail shots being taken off a hanger in a window instead of following the gentle curve of her waist, or graciously adorning her neckline.

Yes, it is the bride in all her natural glory on her wedding day. That's what it's about and the dress is a major part of that! How many sessions, salons, racks, magazines were gone through to find the One. It seems as daunting as finding her boyo!

Couldn't a bit of time be spent crafting an image that shows her hard work and love? The rest of the day is shown in such dedication!

That's just my outlook on it. Give it what two cents you will.

On a different tangent...
So, I have been cooking! Tonight, for my boyo, I made tri-tips in a red wine sauce with sweet potato fries and snap peas. Being vegetarian, I didn't try any of it, which makes cooking a bit difficult for me. I'm so used to cooking by taste that I find myself imagining the flavor with the smell and guessing what it needs from there. It's a fun exercise.

He gave it 3 out of 4 forks. The meat,unfortunately, came out more of a medium than a medium-rare as I'd, quite frankly, just forgotten it in the oven for a few extra minutes. There was a thick piece that was closer to it that, in his opinion, "...would have blended the dish well together," as the sauce was "dry".

I understand. I can picture it, the taste, the blend of the flavors, the textures. Imagining it doesn't make me want it, just allows me to experience it. I've been a full-blown vegetarian/sometimes vegan/ pescitarian for 3 years and counting. It's been an adventure learning to cook various foods without tasting them.

I may have mentioned before, but I'm not for "turning" anyone. If you are, good for you! If not, then that's fine, too. =] I believe, you believe, lets be happy!

Hmm... oh, I had a sun dried tomato with basil... mulch.... erm... stew? Hydrated with more yummy Merlot. It had garlic and onions and was delish. I melted some cheese on a tortilla and stuffed some sweet potato fries in there. It was fantastic! For a random, throw-things-together-so-you-have-something-to-eat-besides-fries-and-peas dinner, it gets a 3 out of 4 fork rating as well.

Speaking of from now on, I'm going to try rating all of my meals with a 4 fork rating system. My adventures on a 10 point system. And sewing... well... let me actually get started on that again before I dig a hole for myself. =}

Monday, January 10, 2011


Not that I haven't been cooking and exploring, dear readers. Heavens no. Just the holiday season hit and so did the work rush. The jacket hasn't progressed any since the last post, so I blew my deadline, and the cooking. Well, I'm still whipping things up, just not the cakes I've been imagining. =[

Here are some of the latest endeavors and some old photographs to tide you over with. =]

[Above] This is Heather. =]

[Above] Self Portrait

[Above] I'm an active listener to a radio show called "A Prairie Home Companion". Let's face it, Garrison Keiler is an amazing story teller. "It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone, Minnesota my hometown," he begins my favorite segment.

"Where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children above average." There's a big deal made about Cheddar cheese and butter and, well, anything delightfully "Minnesotan". My love is from around and abouts there and it's always fun to listen to and poke fun at.

Anywho! There is a big deal made about Cheddar cheese... on pie. Hot, steamy apple pie. "Oh, the delicacies!" as Garrison Keiler would say. So on our last trip to Julian, we decided to give it a try.

Sadly, it wasn't all we'd hoped it would be. It may be a good blend, but it wasn't. Maybe the pie was too cold and the cheese wasn't melted enough. Maybe it wasn't a good cheese or a good pie. Perhaps neither according to my rapidly increasing difficult to please taste buds. It wasn't half bad with the ice-cream, too. But a bit too much fat for my stomach to be happy with. I'd rather just take a cup of coffee, pale. Cream only. Thanks =]

I have this intrigue with graffiti. Especially when people try to scrub it off and it doesn't say or mean anything. It's alluring.

This was a butternut squash soup with a nut pesto. It was quite tasty, if I must admit. This was almost a month ago. =[

A randomly inspiring sewing machine I found at a thrift store. Trying to get myself to sew again! I keep dreaming of the jacket as a finished product.

This was Tempura night. Nothing special. We had a tempura mix packet which wasn't very good, so I attempted to add some tastiness to it... And failed. It wasn't bad, though! I also made a sweet-soy-sake sauce to dip it in. Now that was delicious. =}

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm a sucker for sweet foods. Just not candy-like foods.

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