Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Back from a long list of successes and Failures. =P Have made about 8 recipes from MAFC and they have all turned out superbly! (Even when curiously, I have substituted fish or tofu in a small dish for myself, but following the recipe otherwise exactly with Boyo's meal.)

We made Molded Eggs with spinach and a béarnaise sauce on my birthday (the 7th) and am now experimenting with chocolate chip cookies from this random cookbook for kids. (Which every recipe is doused with sugar and butter and deliciousness! I can't help but make them!)

Hmm, let's see.

Boyo and I have gone on Day-cations and Work-cations. This image above is from a random ride through the countryside on my motorcycle. It was quite an adventuresome day.<3

Then of course, Easter =] Above is Boyo showing TJ (my adorable nephew!) the pictures on his camera from earlier that day and TJ is naming off everyone in the picture (Ama, Mommy, Tia, Papi... )

Lastly, a family photo. This is probably my favorite one, but the sun decided to come out and blow out the details on half of our faces, but it's still my favorite. =}

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