Monday, April 2, 2012

I made Chili.

Boyo upgraded my XSI for a 40D, and the difference in quality is astounding. Not to mention how much better it feels in the hand.

We've (mainly Boyo) has been tinkering with the N600. Still not too sure what to do with the lighting rigs on both the N600 and the Hyundai beast, but there it is.

Bought a corset. Have always has a morbid fascination with them and one finally came my way that I was down to buy and try. Oddest thing is, although my body isn't used to it, it's very comforting and I truly adore it. Not simply for what it does for my waist and posture, but I feel more put together. Like a necklace you wore everyday for a year and lost in the shower. Felt naked and off... Even though this is the first time I've ever truly worn a corset. Sure, call it regression for womankind, call it a step back in feminism; reforming to the idea of a perfect body for our men to enjoy, but that's not it. I'm not wearing it for the men of the world. I'm wearing it for me, because I enjoy it.

Have begun a 365 project and hope to be shooting professionally by this time next year. Yes, I know. We said that last year, but this year, with the N600 parked behind my house and the growing detestation for my work, why not? Why not travel and take the world in my hands? Why not become a photographer if that is such a big goal in my life?

We're working on it. =]

But no. More importantly and most of all. I made Chili and it was delicious. I used some kobe beef patties from a catering event, onions, sofrito seasoning, a pre-made tomato soup from Caroline's, all just for the base. I then took black beans, some cooking sherry, cherry tomatoes, a splash of worcestershire sauce, a healthy squirt of Srircha, some cocoa powder and let it slow cook for a little over an hour and a half. Mean while, I made this killer cornbread. Killer in calories and deliciousness. Just before serving, I stirred in some cherry-oak balsamic vinegar. The result was the best chili I've ever had. In fact! It didn't even taste like I cooked it, it was so good!

Boyo even agreed.

And that's the sum of the recent adventures.

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