Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back with more to share!

Hello lovelies,

Surprisingly, what made me remember I had a blog was Pinterest. Now, I'm not usually on Pinterest, but find it absolutely useful when looking up alternative cleaning solutions. Such as, the number one best cleaner is white vinegar. The second is baking soda. I've scented my own vinegar with oranges from my own tiny honey mandarin tree which has absolutely outdone itself.

I still have my baby Honda, and Boyo has been restoring (for me because I find other than changing the oil, I've no patience for it). He's putting in a new brake cylinder on the driver side rear wheel and still can't find what's happening with the electrical. (See? I speak Car just a tiny bit). We occasionally spot other older Hondas around here and have spotted other N's around. It's neat to be part of this tiny, old car club and it's still awesome to see people point and smile at the insane cuteness of it all. =]

In the long run, finding my passion is still a bit of a dream. What I'm thinking about is going back to theatre somehow. I still enjoy show tunes, get insanely involved with all of the stories I read/watch/hear. And I loved theatre! Loved it enough to choose to major in it, then pushed the idea out of my own mind with the frightening prospect of not being able to find work. I went through the whole language root and somehow, ended up with SLP. Voila. Now you know my story. It's not uninteresting, but it's not the same. I'm surprised it's taken me as long as it has, really. My goal now is to finish up with SLP, have that as a job and then dabble in theatre. If life happens, I'm prepared for it.

I read an article a few months ago that brought up the idea my generation, here in America, has in regards to working and our overall enjoyment and idea of finding and doing what we're passionate about; being influenced by our baby boomer parents and their experiences. They want us to be happy by doing something we're passionate about. Where that leaves most of us is still in school, and or living with our parents as we put all of our efforts into finding out who we really are, man.

I agree with this article that this has been our motivation. Take a look at this blog, for example. Sorry this is turning hypercritical, but it's about just that.

Anyhow, don't worry about that bit of rambling.

Boyo and I are off on a great adventure after his interview. I am currently waiting at work for it to conclude as we rode two-up, but afterwards, it's out towards Utah we go to pick up his new motorcycle! Yes, yes. The little GS is moving on to a new home and the motorcycle that will carry us to Alaska is coming home. We'll be going on many camping adventures in preparation for the big trip. =]

As Boyo said, the motto of this year is, "Get It Done" (or something along those lines.) To encourage us to do more, rather than plan, wait, and wonder. It's a similar motto to what I had implied when I first met him. =} Then it was just "Well, f* it. Let's do it." Life's too short and it's only money in the end.

Quite contradictory, no?


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Important Update Required!

Hello lovelies,
Let me fill you in on this past year, 2013:
       *Went to Paris, FR. in July.
       *Applied back to SDSU to finish SLP program.
       *Degree in ASL (finishing this semester!)
       *Started working at a *computer* store.
       *Purchased unpainted old Italian bicycle frame called an Olmo.
       *Had Joe Bell paint said Olmo a devastatingly scrumptious shade of red.
       *Stopped working on Voir L'amour Photography to focus on school.
       *Had the most amazing boyfriend (and still do!)
       *Lost a dear friend.
       *The Doctor.
       *Hung out with awesome people whom I am lucky enough (and surprisingly cool/intelligent enough) to call my friends.

Much more happened, but sitting here and trying to remember, well, you know what happens when you try to remember things. These are the most important, in no particular order. =]

What about finding these so-called passions, you ask?

Well, I found one. Paris, France. The current home of my heart. Food, metro, culture, voila! C'est belle.

I've been reading and watching a fair amount of movies lately to try to stimulate creative juices as I have a young adult story idea forming, but it is no where near the drawing board. I find it makes me tired, all this visual stimulation, and miss doing things with my hands- but oh!! The glorious distraction of  blindingly bright screens.

Anyhow, I've to run home. I'm still sitting at work an hour later and they are about to close up shop. More adventures to come.


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