Friday, November 16, 2012

Design- Fashion, Interior, or Graphic?

Hello Lovelies,

The route I am thinking of pursuing is design of some shape or form. =P I am very interested in fashion design (creating and photographing it!), interior design gives me a good kick (though I'm terrible at math), and Graphic design- which is fun in it's own regards. =D

I plan on taking a few classes this upcoming semester. The goal is to take a graphic design course and French II. The latter is just a pretty big interest of mine and it will help out to our trip to France next year! We are going to go for the 100th (running) anniversary of the Tour Du France! Yaayyy!! <3

It will be an adventure of the first degree as I've yet to make it outside the continental US. (Though my accent will deceive you and make you think I've lived in Australia, New Zealand, or Britain. I assure you I have not, but would very much like to!)

I also plan on taking a photography course or two to satisfy my desire to shoot high fashion and the beautiful designs of wedding dresses, couture, and the like. What a fantastic fantasy shoot I've in mind. Would be nice to have the opportunity and equipment to do so!


On another note, I am currently up north hanging out with Boyo's family and making a wonderful norwegian dish called Lefse. If you haven't had this and are in San Diego, stop by Balboa Park's December Nights (Dec. 7-8th) at the House of Norway in the International Cottages! It will be Boyo's mom ='s and my lefse being sold! How great is that?!

So, we're practicing turning it out in mass quantities, figuring out pricing structures and the like. =D Oh what joy it is to... make lefse with awesome people! <3

Here's a picture of the process! Will write to you fantastic people soon!


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