Sunday, March 25, 2012

An New Addition to the Family... or two?

The first part is my news! Big news I must say! Boyo and I are excited about the newest member of our family. A Baby Honda. N600, that is. It's older than I am, but it's still my baby. =P 1972 and, well, still working that's the most important part.

Bought it off this funny guy up in Oceanside whom also has a Ford Fastback and a few other cars up for grabs. You're too late for the Honda, though. It's adorable cuteness has been picked up by moi.

What? You don't know what an (A)N600 is? You have not LIVED until it's adorable tiny, microcar-ness has swept a huge goofy grin across your lips as you ponder how a 5'10" Girlie and a 6'6"Boyo manager to fit in and out of it.

As well as how fast it goes; after the first "What the-?" response has quickly faded until forgotten.

The second addition isn't really OUR addition, but will be an addition to Boyo's family as he becomes an uncle to some lucky little boy or girl. If I bid in the pool, I'd say on April 24th at 6:17am, but that's just a guess. ;D Besides, I've no idea where the pool even is, but let's hope I'm right anyway. Of course he/she can always share my birthday on the 7th. That would be cool. Then there would be two ultra cool people with the same birthday. Even if not, I'm sure he/she will still be a cool little person.

Alright, another love is calling as it melts slowly down into a puddle of chocolatey, creamy treat loaded with fudge fishes, swimming in a caramel and marshmallow swirl. That, my dear, is a different story.

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