Monday, March 14, 2011

New computer

First off, forgive the infrequent posts lately. My personal computer decided it wasn't going to connect to the internet (come to find out it's on recall because this is an unrepairable issue). The nvida chip, thing, has blown a gasket! (see how techy I am? =P Gasket...)

Spending a lot of time "off" as well as offline. Two days in a row most days! Not necessarily relaxing with a book and lavender lemonade, but close! Yesterday was a cookin' day. Awoke to attempt of poached eggs a la Julia (which didn't quite hold because they weren't fresh enough and I left them in the hot water in their shells 10 seconds too long and they began to hard boil. =[ Oh.)

Went to work. Came home, started a slow rising bread about 7pm, while waiting for the first rise, I made an orange cod and bok choy stir fry with rice noodles. Which turned out decently. The recipe called for beef, not fish, and I thought I had tofu when I started the marinade. Ah well, frozen cod to the rescue!

Finished up the bread around midnight-1am. It's a whole wheat and oats bread with molasses and almonds. Snuck a piece last night and it was pretty tasty. Definately the fluffiest bread I have made. Must be because I'm actually using bread flour not a whole wheat. Which! Come to realize, my favorite whole wheat flour was not all-purpose!

Success! I also whipped up a bit of lavender honey and vanilla butter for this mornings enjoyment. =]

See a trend? In a lavender mode I guess!

And now boyo is up and I must start the day with delicious coffee (with half and half) and some warm bread. =}


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've stumbled, in more ways than one!

I've stumbled into some old doodles of mine I'm thinking of resurrecting. Possibly doing mini animations once a month. (notice the large span of time I'm giving myself on 1 animation!)

Above: I have an obsession. That obsession is with monsters. Personal monsters. Everyone has something they'd rather not talk about and we carry it in our subconscious, a lead on our judgments. In my series, everyone's monsters are depicted somehow. They interact with them, it becomes a sort of familiar.... This is mine.

Coffee..... =}

How else I stumbled, well, just let my mouth run ahead of my mind.

Above: A drawing in style of a good friend of mine back in highschool. Thanks, Danny =]

I've done a painting or two, but no drawings lately and it's become a bit odd. I've found myself wanting to doodle, but am a bit out of practice. Imagine that! No notebooks to scribble on the ledges with! Ah, phooey.

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