Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear, well, You.

As you may have noticed, this blog hasn't been getting as much attention as, say, Voir L'amour's. It turns out, a lot of finding my passion stuff is about trying new things that would be cool to photograph! Well, alright, that's a lie, but it's keeping the blog post numbers up there, which is good, seeing as it's our photography business.

It's not that I don't want to post here, but they would be duplicates here and there, so I've been cleverly avoiding this blog. =[


I'm not flexible. In fact, I'm so stiff today I'm sore in random parts (like the ring finger on my right hand and my hips.) I found this amazing podcast awhile ago called YOGAmazing and it truly is amazing. =] It's about 10-30 minutes and is broken down into cute "lessons" like "Yoga for Runners" or "Yoga for Flexibility"... Today, I did "Yoga for Toning" thinking, "Yeah! I'm going to be a tough chick and do this tough yoga session while I'm so out of shape it literally hurts! Yeaah!"

Well, I did do and finish it, but let me tell you, fit I am not! Yoga, is fantastic. It centers me, grounds me, and whoops my butt. Into shape, that is.

With the podcast, it's there when I need/want it (even at 12:13am) and doesn't cost anything-- Wait. What?! It's free?!! Heck yeah!! <3

So, sore and energized, I'm going to do another episode. =]

Peace inside! And outside!

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