Friday, October 14, 2011

An obvious Failure.

Hello Readers,
If any of you have managed to hang on, I must say I'm honestly surprised. I have not been the most devoted blogger, which doesn't surprise you by now, I'm sure. I've been managing a restaurant lately, and as the title says, failing miserably.

To be honest, managing doesn't really trip my trigger. At all. The funnest part of my day isn't dealing with people anymore, it's drawing on our chalkboards... I haven't really been cooking because, let's face it, standing, bending, lifting, and making hot drinks all day from anywhere from 7-12 hours really does a number on the body. Especially when it's 2-3 weeks between "days off". (Please note the "", because honestly, calling me and working from home on the computer because I simply don't have the time to do these things at work, doesn't really count as off.)

My energy level has dropped to a mere 2/10 by the time I finish with work. Let's just say, biscotti hasn't been made in my home for a long time. In fact, dinner is a rarity. Poor Boyo has been forced to fend for himself out of our deprived refrigerator. Not having the energy to cook really limits grocery shopping.

Sitting here writing, I realize, I miss writing. I enjoy it. I enjoy eating. Cooking. Being out in the sunshine. Having days off. Having Weekends off to go places! To spend the entire day with Anthony, even if it's just walking around.

Right now, there's a disconnect between the world and myself. I haven't been able to think there's so much stress and need for things to be done. It's overwhelming.

Sorry, dear readers, I've turned into a whiney, egotistical bitch.

Moving passed:
Ate, for the first time at Blind Lady Ale House.
Had a marvelous Moules Frites; fresh mussels steamed in a white wine, then slathered in a wondrous fennel, leek, oregano, thyme, cream, and whole mustard sauce with slivered sweet onions that had been blanched in the sauce. The mussels were finely prepared, not overcooked and tough, and well washed. Just the mussels, steamed as they were, made my eyes close. The sauce, I felt, should have been thicker, richer to match, but it was watery and light. The flavor was nice, but you had to use the shell to scoop some out of the bottom of the bowl if you really wanted to taste it. Highly recommended at a mere $14.50 a bowl with the frites; salty and crispy on the outside with a variety of 3 sauces to dip in, a curry catsup, a white sauce of some mayonaise-lemony descent, and a tart thousand island colored one that, in comparison to the other two, was very mild and seemed to lack flavor, save that initial tartness.

We also helped ourselves to a Butternut squash Pizza. Also excellently prepared with a bechamel sauce, roasted squash, shitake mushrooms, fontina cheese, it's own herb medley, and fresh lemon zest for a clean, mildly sweet finish. It was delectable. The melding of the pungent shitake mushrooms with the creamy butternut squash and the bechamel hit all of my senses in a smooth wave of flavor. Priced at $16.50, it alone was the perfect size for two and very moderately priced for such a delicacy.

I had a Heavenly Hefe to accompany the meal and the light, cleanness kept the meal crisp and went well with the pizza and frites. The mussels weren't bad with it, either, but it didn't compliment as nicely.

+1 for Blind Lady. Besides being bicycle friendly, having goldsprints, and great beer selections, the food wows my senses.

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