Friday, November 16, 2012

Design- Fashion, Interior, or Graphic?

Hello Lovelies,

The route I am thinking of pursuing is design of some shape or form. =P I am very interested in fashion design (creating and photographing it!), interior design gives me a good kick (though I'm terrible at math), and Graphic design- which is fun in it's own regards. =D

I plan on taking a few classes this upcoming semester. The goal is to take a graphic design course and French II. The latter is just a pretty big interest of mine and it will help out to our trip to France next year! We are going to go for the 100th (running) anniversary of the Tour Du France! Yaayyy!! <3

It will be an adventure of the first degree as I've yet to make it outside the continental US. (Though my accent will deceive you and make you think I've lived in Australia, New Zealand, or Britain. I assure you I have not, but would very much like to!)

I also plan on taking a photography course or two to satisfy my desire to shoot high fashion and the beautiful designs of wedding dresses, couture, and the like. What a fantastic fantasy shoot I've in mind. Would be nice to have the opportunity and equipment to do so!


On another note, I am currently up north hanging out with Boyo's family and making a wonderful norwegian dish called Lefse. If you haven't had this and are in San Diego, stop by Balboa Park's December Nights (Dec. 7-8th) at the House of Norway in the International Cottages! It will be Boyo's mom ='s and my lefse being sold! How great is that?!

So, we're practicing turning it out in mass quantities, figuring out pricing structures and the like. =D Oh what joy it is to... make lefse with awesome people! <3

Here's a picture of the process! Will write to you fantastic people soon!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Strength Finder and... success?

Hello Lovelies,

Struggling to find what I'm interested, what I'm good at, Boyo convinced me to read and take the Strength Finder 2.0. I am absolutely amazed and astonished at the results. Alright, I'm not going to convince YOU to take it, but you should. =P

The categories it resulted in for me were so much like my thoughts and what I do enjoy that I highlighted just about every sentence in two of the sections.

For those of you unfamiliar, you read the first few sections of the book, you take the test online with the access code, you have 20 seconds to answer each question and whatever you think of first, go with it! It then gives you 5 categories you fall under; in order to your personality. Possible career paths, for each category, even how to deal/handle/inspire these types of people and what types of people they should find to help support their endeavors to, say for me, keep me motivated and push me to begin projects. =D

What resulted in 4/5 of my categories. I need to go into design.

Which makes perfect, logical sense!!

I'm always admiring architecture, gawking at the awful shapes (for women's clothing) of the current fashion in dismay, admiring logos on business cards, designs on webpages, HECK, I even made our Voir L'amour Photography webpage having ZERO experience, reading and watching tutorials on how to build a webpage using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver, am constantly editing photos on Photoshop, oogling  high fashion designs, drawing women's clothing ideas and storylines-

Dear Goodness! How in the world did I miss this?!

All in all, still sticking with Photography as there's something so romantic about it, so intriguing that you can create this other world and inspire through this dream.

Anyhow. Miss you, lovelies. Talk to you again soon.


Monday, April 2, 2012

I made Chili.

Boyo upgraded my XSI for a 40D, and the difference in quality is astounding. Not to mention how much better it feels in the hand.

We've (mainly Boyo) has been tinkering with the N600. Still not too sure what to do with the lighting rigs on both the N600 and the Hyundai beast, but there it is.

Bought a corset. Have always has a morbid fascination with them and one finally came my way that I was down to buy and try. Oddest thing is, although my body isn't used to it, it's very comforting and I truly adore it. Not simply for what it does for my waist and posture, but I feel more put together. Like a necklace you wore everyday for a year and lost in the shower. Felt naked and off... Even though this is the first time I've ever truly worn a corset. Sure, call it regression for womankind, call it a step back in feminism; reforming to the idea of a perfect body for our men to enjoy, but that's not it. I'm not wearing it for the men of the world. I'm wearing it for me, because I enjoy it.

Have begun a 365 project and hope to be shooting professionally by this time next year. Yes, I know. We said that last year, but this year, with the N600 parked behind my house and the growing detestation for my work, why not? Why not travel and take the world in my hands? Why not become a photographer if that is such a big goal in my life?

We're working on it. =]

But no. More importantly and most of all. I made Chili and it was delicious. I used some kobe beef patties from a catering event, onions, sofrito seasoning, a pre-made tomato soup from Caroline's, all just for the base. I then took black beans, some cooking sherry, cherry tomatoes, a splash of worcestershire sauce, a healthy squirt of Srircha, some cocoa powder and let it slow cook for a little over an hour and a half. Mean while, I made this killer cornbread. Killer in calories and deliciousness. Just before serving, I stirred in some cherry-oak balsamic vinegar. The result was the best chili I've ever had. In fact! It didn't even taste like I cooked it, it was so good!

Boyo even agreed.

And that's the sum of the recent adventures.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

An New Addition to the Family... or two?

The first part is my news! Big news I must say! Boyo and I are excited about the newest member of our family. A Baby Honda. N600, that is. It's older than I am, but it's still my baby. =P 1972 and, well, still working that's the most important part.

Bought it off this funny guy up in Oceanside whom also has a Ford Fastback and a few other cars up for grabs. You're too late for the Honda, though. It's adorable cuteness has been picked up by moi.

What? You don't know what an (A)N600 is? You have not LIVED until it's adorable tiny, microcar-ness has swept a huge goofy grin across your lips as you ponder how a 5'10" Girlie and a 6'6"Boyo manager to fit in and out of it.

As well as how fast it goes; after the first "What the-?" response has quickly faded until forgotten.

The second addition isn't really OUR addition, but will be an addition to Boyo's family as he becomes an uncle to some lucky little boy or girl. If I bid in the pool, I'd say on April 24th at 6:17am, but that's just a guess. ;D Besides, I've no idea where the pool even is, but let's hope I'm right anyway. Of course he/she can always share my birthday on the 7th. That would be cool. Then there would be two ultra cool people with the same birthday. Even if not, I'm sure he/she will still be a cool little person.

Alright, another love is calling as it melts slowly down into a puddle of chocolatey, creamy treat loaded with fudge fishes, swimming in a caramel and marshmallow swirl. That, my dear, is a different story.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Developing an Attachment.

To my boyfriend's cat.

Mangey long haired orange turkish angora mongrel; you've met him before mildly on a sewing adventure. He has been a resident in our household for quite sometime, now. Say, perhaps, Thanksgiving?

Something about Thomas' personality always put me off. It seemed we were bound to be the "boyfriend who hates the girlfriend's cat and it hates him back" kind of relationships, only, well, you get it. He meows at me, occasionally making it sound as if I've stepped on him, or his favorite piece of carpet. He would jump up and bug me, tail swishing as he bit the corners of my book and nipped at my hands.

He would run when I entered a room and followed Boyo around like a dog. Thomas even sat by the door, waiting and meowing for him to come home and abuse him.

Yes. Abuse him.

At first, I tried treating him like a normal cat, trying to play with him and caressing him; he gave me no piece of mind. I noticed Boyo before at his parent's just about picking him up by his fur and rubbing his entire body against the floor as he struggled away from him.

So I thought.

So I opted the nice route.

And he hated me. And I hated him for hating me.

Then one day, utterly irritated by the little snot (as he is so affectionately nicknamed) I grabbed a tuft of hair and yanked up. Right near his face. Go figure the little creep adored it.

Since then, I've tried various techniques and he responds well. He still meows at me constantly, especially letting everyone in residence know when he's used his throne room. Now, I throw a pillow at him and he purrs contently and walks away.

Thus, the beginning. I have since upgraded his food to one he doesn't pretend to eat and drop all over my kitchen floor to one he ingests with vigor! His weight is still pretty low, but he's not skin and bones anymore. I've also spoiled him with kitty treats, Da Bird cat toy, and the famous Furminator (which has reduced the number of furballs in residence and cut his shedding down, just a little.)

He's stopped vomiting on the carpet, which is a definate sign of his love back to me as before, my foot would always manage to be where he'd choose to let himself loose.

In turn for this careful abuse and affection, he will lie next to me in bed, head just touching me, purring and sleeping.

When Boyo goes out of town, he's sleeping in his spot. Alright, perhaps because he misses him, too, but company is company. Even when it purrs and meows like a perfect alarm clock at 5:45am.

A well. Pick your love and your battles.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm not sure if you're Aware of the little voice inside your head that triggers when you're dissatisfied. The one that tells you you need to make a change. This voice and I, we go way back. It started before I even hit my teen years. Never an extrovert in clothing or wild hairdos (unless it was directly pointed out to me that I needed to do something "fun" with my hair), instead, I would change book genres or reorganize my room. It wasn't until my later years did I realize this was happening. Ecause I was upset with something I. My life I couldn't outwardly change. I resorted to changing that which I could.

Not only would my room receive a more efficient feel and look, but that change and readjust would sort of sooth the an anixiety over the inability to change what I really wanted to in my life.

Lately, that result has been more obvious, more frequent. It sits atop my head in a shortening, now flaming splendor. It's not a bad change and it does overall suit me. Why, though, the change?

Sadly, it's because of something else I am able to change, but don't out of loyality. Of pride. This is an excellent opportunity I've been granted and I really want to throw it away. To travel, to move, to go to school and finish. Somehow, working 6 exhausting days a week puts a hamper to that. To just about all of that. It's not the time, I know that still. Being here, doing what I'm doing is a great accomplishment as its hitting goals for both boyo and I. I'm learning so much from a mentor at work, about dealing with irrational patrons and... Others.

This isnt what I want to be doing with my life. Not this moment, not another years worth. Yes, boyo, I know I Am my only restriction when it comes down to it, that I have your full support that doesn't make it any easier. You know a lot of my hesitation with being here in San Diego but it's not just San Diego I think you're setting to recognize that. I think I'm starting to recognize that.

Ah well, this went too deep far too quickly so I will leave it at this and add a picture later


Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreaming with nothing changed.

What if you begin to dream the impossible? To imagine the unreachable? Does it hold true that you’re just setting yourself up for certain failure and heartbreak? Is it so adolescent to dream so large, so vividly that you feel you have no other choice? Doesn’t someone have to try?

Have been tinkering around with odd ideas of what to study in college. Silly me not to see what was before me. At least, what it feels is before me now. My next mission is to study photography. Why? There’s not a good steady market and for all I know it’s a waste of college. For all any of us knows. Like an English degree. Right?

I just get these images in my head that need to come out, be expressed. I always wished I could draw so someone could see them, but I can set them up and shoot them, can’t I? Gearing more towards fashion, I’m being drawn like a bee to a flower, like a child to a sweet.
Annie Leibovitz. Stark, creative, dark, beautiful, Insightful, creative, herself.
A successful upheaval today. Tired, numb, sore, burned. There will never be enough sleep today. The body demands it, eyes closing, mind rocking and the general slowness of sleep. And yet it is elusive. The waiting today for life to begin has lulled me enough to settle into this half daze. Something is about to begin. A month from now I’ll be sitting somewhere, waiting still. The time is not right, but it will be. Eventually.

Back to school for photography. There’s a good idea. At the very least, it will carry me long enough to hit that check. Bachelors means nothing to a Master.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Great American Monstrosity

A quick update on the past few months:
1) Thanksgiving with boyo's parents up in L.A. Had a delicious brined turkey that was juicy and everything a turkey never manages to be.
-Speaking of, did I mention I've begun eating meat again? Yeeah. Unfortunate, I know. On a semi-regular basis, mainly at home and mainly to try different cooking styles and, ah again, Julia- or at the very least french styled cooking. I really want to get back into vegetarianism and most likely will. Let's call it a reprieve.
2) Christmas! At my mom's, my grandparent's, and boyo's parents. It never seems to be that grand of an occasion anymore, though I do try. Decorating, getting a tree, making hot chocolate... yumm! Did receive a pizza stone and it's seeing it's fair share of usage! Oh pizza stone, I did not really know pizza until you came around. Now it will never be the same.
3) Haven't been shooting, haven't been writing. Catching up on books and having odd little adventures like breaking into the trunk of an old BMW with large flathead screwdriver to keep occupied while boyo scouted under the hood for usable parts. Also! Found a later version of my car sitting around with the doors open, so we climbed inside, took the tape player, led clock and I learned the basic workings of my car.
Before you call the cops, please understand our situation! It was perfectly legal all the way around. Being in a junkyard and all. =P We did manage to find an N-600! It looked to be in pretty good shape, too! Save for the roof rear which looked like an elephant sat on it, just enough to bend the rear window frame. *sigh*

Alright, now to the main story:

Yesterday, a great american monstrosity was created. It sat coated in thick red goo on our kitchen counter, protruding the retched stank of many a childhood meals of sweet deliciousness and dreaded moments. How could I do this to us? What have I done?!

It all began the night before. Boyo mentioned he'd like a burger, so off we went to the local deli to fetch the necessary ingredients for such a fine fatty feast. I escaped to the produce to procure onions, tomatoes, garlic, avocados, pineapple slices, and more while boyo finagled the meat. Hungry and beyond time to eat, we raced home and I immediately began to work. Some part of the back of my mind registered that there was no way two measly people could consume all of that giant bowl of now prepared patties. Not humanly possible! However, hell bent on making as many burgers as Boyo could consume, I ignored logic and pressed onward!

After actually cooking 4 patties, I opted out of making sweet potato fries and decided we must eat, now!

The 4 burgers were enough, but what was left, was about 1 lb of prepared meat... What to do the next day? Meatballs? Maybe. Freezer? Ick.

Instead, I did something I pretty much swore off when I signed up to be a vegetarian and leave my family home. Never would I recreate the dishes of my youth! Not that they were terrible, they were just ordinary! Pot roast with rice, beef stew (which I am currently making), corned beef hash, clay pot chicken, meatloaf.

There, I said it!


Does anyone ever really miss meatloaf? I didn't. It's not awful to eat, not too bad, actually. Perhaps it's just the thought of ground beef drenched in ketchup that bogs my mind. Not good enough? Put ketchup on it and don't worry about it, it will be fine.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my Mima's (grandma) growing up. It was a treat! Just one that I've always sought to avoid. Why? To be honest, it's easy. It lacks complexity, depth. It's not 3 hours worth of creating an orgasmic explosion of creamy, rich, decadence that rolls over your tongue and makes your eyes close.

Like this asian chicken recipe I've modified called "Tso Yummy Chicken" =P But that's another story.

Alright, it's not really so bad.

But man, that chicken recipe was a tough act to follow and, meatloaf? Didn't quite cut it.

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